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The synergy between two specialists in the car industry resulted in Honest Mech,
a workshop that offers master-level of tuning and car repair services.

With an expert tuner and a specialist of accident repair and claim procedures, you can approach Honest Mech whether you just want to give your car a makeover, improve its performance, or require quality repair work to be done after an unfortunate accident. Bodywork, paint and accident repair specialist

Equipped with a chassis alignment jig, Honest Mech is able to repair severely damaged cars

Honest Mech started in April 2021 with a focus on Vion’s area of expertise – car bodywork, paintwork, accident repairs and claim procedures.

As a true bodywork repair specialist, Honest Mech is fully equipped to work on accident-damaged cars. With a chassis alignment jig, paint booth, all the required equipment along with a team of trained mechanics, even severely damaged cars can be restored to perfection – just like how they were before.

As a full-fledged workshop that offers all sorts of services in addition to bodywork, mechanical issues on your accident-damaged car can also be properly sorted out if required.

Specialised paint-less dent removal service fixes dings and dents without a respray

The paintless dent removal technique doesn’t require any sanding, filling or painting to fix a dent

Another specialty of Honest Mech is the ability to offer paint-less dent removal. Typically, to repair a dent, one would have to grind off the existing paint, fill the hole with putty or body filler before re-spraying the panel. This isn’t too much of an issue if a large area was affected, or if the dent is significant.

However, if we are just dealing with minor door dings and light dents that left the paint intact, it might not be cost-effective, or ideal to go through the whole tedious process, especially if there are reasons to keep the original paint intact (such as with an expensive luxury car).

With skilled technicians and specialised equipment, Honest Mech is able to carefully massage dents out without any destruction to your car’s original paintwork, minimising downtime and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Automotive Tuning Development – Honest Mech’s in-house professional tuner

Stage 1, stage 3, don’t understand what tuning is all about? Just pop by Honest Mech and let the guys explain it all to you

The other partner at Honest Mech, Samuel, is a certified tuner who is extremely well-versed with engine management and ECU custom programming.

With Samuel’s expertise, Honest Mech is able to offer not just bodywork, paint and repair, but performance enhancement as well.

Samuel believes in getting every single tune done right. When you approach Honest Mech to tune your car, he will perform an engine health check and take the time to fully understand your requirements and expectations before starting.

After understanding your requirements, Samuel – who is a certified tuner – will come up with a truly custom ECU tune for your car

Armed with all the information required, a truly custom ECU tune will then be crafted specially for your car to achieve the desired results. With rich knowledge on the subject, Samuel is able to tune all kinds of cars from all brands, and this includes diesel cars as well, which he has done many till date.

With a proper tune, you will be able to enjoy a drive enhanced with more power, better drivability and even increased fuel efficiency in some cases. Just take a look at its Facebook page and you can see the results achieved on countless satisfied customers’ cars.

Forward-thinking and always evolving to serve you better

It’s not just bodywork and tuning, Honest Mech is a full-fledged workshop that does repairs and servicing as well

Other than these specialised services, Honest Mech offers all typical servicing, diagnosis and repairs as well.
Setting it apart from others is the team’s goal to evolve to better serve the needs of its customers. As such, it is up to date with the latest technology and trends.

In fact, Honest Mech is even able to diagnose and work on the latest EV cars. It is equipped with the tools to check the voltage and battery capacity along with the status of various driver assist systems. The shop also has an EV charging point to cater to the EVs that it is working on.

With Honest Mech, be it for a repair or an upgrade, you can rest assured knowing your car is in good hands.

Honest Mech is located at 60 Jalan Lam Huat #07-20/22 Carros Centre, Singapore (737869). It is open from 09:00am to 05:00pm, Monday to Friday, and 09:00am to 07:00pm on Saturdays. You can reach it at 8799 7203 / 6996 6616, or check out its Facebook page.